The business plan developed by Deutsch & Thomas allowed me to build a small urgent care facility. We had no problem receiving the $1,700,000 dollar loan to acquire the facility and supply us with the working capital that we needed.
Dr. Darrell (Cleveland, OH)

I wanted to express by sincere gratitude for the work you performed to complete our business plan in a quick and professional manner.  We have finished our subscription period on our private placement and were successful in raising $2,700,000 dollars enabling us to move forward on our development project.  I had many complimentary comments on the plan and believe it played a major part in helping to convince potential members to subscribe. We certainly will be contacting you again on our next project. Best regards and much prosperity to your Company.
John P. (Phoenix, AZ)

Thanks to your business plan we were able to receive the $140,000 we needed to launch our scuba diving shop. We would not have made it through this process without you.
Tom S. (Southwestern, FL)

Thank you for your prompt, courteous service. Here's to being autonomous and venturing out on your own! If I have any colleagues who need your assistance, I'll be sure and give them your name.
Dana M. ( San Francisco, CA)

This is amazing! I do not understand how you provide this level of quality for the price, but whatever you are doing, keep doing it!!! Michelle L. (New York, NY)

I just wanted to thank you sincerely for the excellent work that you have done on this business plan. It's very detailed and I'm especially impressed with your knowledge of the Medical Industry and how you emphasized the importance of economical downfalls not affecting this business. I will be recommending you to any all friends who are starting a business. Thank you again.
Stephen C.(Birmingham, AL)

Last week we received our financing from the bank for our business. We could not have done this without your help. I can't believe I have my own business now. My husband and I cannot thank you enough.
Stephanie H.(Tacoma, WA)

Just wanted to thank you for your service. Looks great. Pleasure doing business with you.
Abraham V. (San Diego, CA)

Incredible. Another firm wanted to charge me almost $2,000 for a 25 page business plan, but you guys delivered much more for a reasonable price I will refer anyone I know that needs a business plan to your firm.
(Peter C. Atlanta, GA)

This looks awesome. Many thanks, this turned out great.
Michael D.(Las Vegas, NV)

I am extremely happy with your work and will be referring all of my client's business plan needs to your firm.
John G.(Phoenix, AZ)

This is great. Thanks a million. Thank You.
Zach R.(West Palm Bead, FL)

It is not often that I find businesses that actually do what they say they can do. Your work was exceptional, and I am very pleased with your service.
Michael S. (Danbury, CT)

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