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Deutsch & Thomas was founded in 2005 by Matthew Deutsch. The business has been in operation for over eight years, and was run as a partnership prior to its incorporation. Since its inception, our company has helped small and medium sized businesses raise more than $515,000,000 through plans developed by Deutsch & Thomas, Inc.

Principal Officers
Matthew D.L. Deutsch, Chief Executive Officer

Matthew D.L. Deutsch, Chief Executive Officer
Matthew D.L. Deutsch has operated Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. for the past thirteen years. At the start of his business career, he successfully managed a complicated arbitrage portfolio of mortgage and securitized assets and option contracts. The proprietary models used by this business were developed over a four year period by Mr. Deutsch while he was a student at New York University. Matthew raised the needed capital within a private trust to employ these strategies in the open market.

Concurrently, Mr. Deutsch developed Deutsch & Thomas as a business plan consulting firm focusing on small and medium sized businesses. Since launching the business, the Company has had more than 1,700 business plan clients. These plans have aggregately raised $515,000,000 from lending and private investment sources.

Mr. Deutsch was also actively involved managing the financial affairs of Frank Funds, Inc – a publicly traded mutual fund. He was instrumental in developing the overall investment and implementation strategy that has allowed the fund to operate profitably from the first month. Frank funds returned 14.6% to its investors within the first six months of its operation last year. Additionally, he assisted in the initial public offering process and the Securities and Exchange Commissions mandatory reporting requirements. During his tenure as a board member, he was the Chairman of the Frank Funds audit committee.

Mr. Deutsch is a graduate of New York University where he completed a rigorous academic curriculum that included the study of economics, literature, mathematics, and computer science. He was published in two issues of NYU’s economics’ journal regarding his original research into the spending and saving habits of Americans as well as the enforcement of intangible property rights with respect to the entertainment industry. Mr. Deutsch coauthored these studies, and were invited as guest speakers at the National Conference on Science and Mathematics hosted at NYU. Matthew was a participating member of NYU’s academic symposium. He is a contributing member of the International Association of Financial Engineers.

He has also authored a book on principally protected investments and Black-Scholes-Merton delta hedging theory. This book is currently in publication. He has also been a featured author in the Business Plans Handbook Volume 15 and The Business Plans Handbook Volume 17.

Mr. Deutsch works and resides in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

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