Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. (registered as Deutsch and Thomas, Inc.) agrees to provide its client with a business plan and excel document according to their specifications. The following chapters and appendixes will be included in the business plan:


1. Cover Sheet

2. Table of Contents

3. Executive Summary

4. Company Summary

5. Products and Services List and Description

6. Market Analysis

7. Strategy and Implementation Analysis

8. Management Summary

            -Bios and resumes of Principals  

9. Marketing Summary and Basic Marketing Plan

10. Five Year Financial Plan

            - Personnel Plan

            - Income Statement (First Year Monthly, Years 2, 3,4, and 5 Quarterly)

            - Cash Flow Analysis (First Year Monthly, Years 2, 3, 4, and 5 Quarterly)

            - Balance Sheet (Years 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Yearly)

            - Business Ratios Page

            - Breakeven Analysis

11. Appendixes – SWOT Analysis and Critical Risks and Problems


Deutsch & Thomas agrees to make any changes in formatting or content within reason, to the business plan, at no cost to the client, for two weeks after delivery of the business plan is completed.


Foremost, the business plan completed by Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. is not an offering for securities, a private placement memorandum, or any other legal document. A business plan is NOT a legal document. A business plan lacks the required disclosure of risk and is not a contract. If you are raising capital from private parties, you must contact a licensed attorney within your respective jurisdiction to determine which state and federal securities laws apply to your capital raising activities, if any. You may be required to have a private placement memorandum, which is a separate document, drafted by a licensed attorney. Only an attorney can determine whether this requirement applies to you and your business operations.


Deutsch & Thomas, its employees, and agents agree to hold in the strictest confidentiality any material received by the client, named above, and will not, under any circumstances, release any information received for the purposes of constructing the business plan except with written authorization from the client or by government order. This aspect of the agreement is effective immediately regardless of whether or not the client retains Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. for business plan writing services.


Additionally, Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. takes no responsibility for the use of the completed business plan. Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. is a specialty business document writing company, and the services rendered do not constitute accounting advice/services or legal advice/services. Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. is acting solely in a business writing capacity and has no fiduciary obligation or similar responsibility to Client. Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. is not a financial and/or economic consulting firm. The services rendered by Deutsch & Thomas, Inc., its employees, affiliates, partners, and associates are not financial services or financial related services of any kind. Deutsch & Thomas, Inc.'s services are not accounting services of any kind. 


By completing this business plan, Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. is not making an opinion as to the economic viability of the proposed or existing business. Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. strongly recommends that a qualified and licensed attorney and/or certified public accountant review and approve of all materials drafted by Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. before submission to any party for review.


At the time the business plan is delivered, Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. disclaims any responsibility relating to the business plan.


Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. will make no refunds of fees accepted for its business plan services. Only in extraordinary circumstances, determined and at the sole discretion of Deutsch & Thomas, Inc., will a refund be made to a customer.


The business plan, excel spreadsheet, and any other document provided to the Client is being provided "as-is" and on an "as offered" basis. The above named client releases Deutsch & Thomas, Inc., its employees, affiliates, and agents without any limitation from any and all claims, and agree to indemnify us against any third party claims arising from this service agreement..


If Client pays 50% upfront as a deposit, then the remaining 50% shall be due immediately upon completion and delivery of the business plan. The Client authorizes Deutsch and Thomas to charge the remaining payment in full via the payment method selected (usually a credit/debit card order taken over the phone) when the Client authorized Deutsch & Thomas to charge the initial 50% payment.


This Agreement shall in all respects be subject to the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania applicable to agreements executed and wholly performed within Pennsylvania.


You agree that the County of Bucks, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will have sole jurisdiction regarding all matters relating to you (or your company) and Deutsch and Thomas, Inc.


By paying or causing to be paid the fees set forth in this agreement, whether in full or in part, you agree to all aforementioned terms.

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