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Deutsch & Thomas has helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses obtain their startup and expansion financing. Since 2005, Deutsch & Thomas has helped clients raise more than $585,000,000 of debt and equity financing for businesses throughout the country through the development of business plans. Below are descriptions of select transactions that have been recently financed using Deutsch & Thomas business plans:

(Updated on 1/5/2019)

$187,000,000 - Private Equity Capital for Hospital Development - Throughout 2009 to 2011, Deutsch & Thomas actively worked with a hospital corporation to develop a business plan for several affiliate surgical clinics throughout the West Coast. Over the course of twenty four months they were able to successfully raise $187 million dollars for this highly specialized project.

Please note that the above project was specially contracted and did not fall into our standard business plan offering.

$1,200,000 - Private Investment for Medical Cannabis Producuer - Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. developed a comprehensive business plan for the development of a medical cannabis producer based on the West Coast. Within three months, the entrepreneurs were able to secure all of their necessary funding from private sources.

$10,000,000 – Private Capital Investment for Internet Website – Deutsch & Thomas produced a business plan specifically for an online penny auction website. Within less than six months, the Management Team of this business was able to secure slightly more than $10,000,000 of financing to launch their operations.

$275,000 SBA Loan for Dog Boarding and Kenneling Facility-  Deutsch & Thomas drafted a business plan for an individual businessperson that was seeking to acquire an established dog boarding, grooming, and kenneling facility. With the business plan drafted by our business, the individual was able to secure a SBA loan for the purchase of the business and property.

$150,000 Private Investment for Shooting Range - A former US federal law enforcement officer wanted to develop a shooting range that also offered self defense training. Upon presenting the business plan to private investors, the business was financed within one month.

$1,500,000 Convertible Debt Offering Business Plan for Internet Startup - Deutsch & Thomas drafted a business plan for an internet startup businesss that required development capital. Within four days of the business plan's completion, the client was fully financed.

$500,000 Venture Capital for Healthcare Company - A California based healthcare business required capital to launch a new internet based venture. Deutsch & Thomas completed the business plan within 10 days, and the client was able to secure full financing within four months.

$3,250,000 Real Estate Loan for Montessori School- A rapidly growing New Jersey based not for profit school needed to acquire a much larger facility to house its staff and new students. The business plan drafted by Deutsch & Thomas for this not-for-profit (501(c)(3) corporation was instrumental in acquiring a 30 year mortgage for the acquisition of its new building. The plan clearly showcased the numerous revenue streams generated from tuition, administrative fees, after-school programs, and summer camps.

$14,500,000 Debt Capital for Real Estate Development - A California based property development firm required a substantial commercial real estate loan to develop a large scale mixed use facility. Deutsch & Thomas's developed business plan was able to effectively secure financing shortly after the client's presentation to their bank.

$1,500,000 Equity Capital for Medical Facility - A California based healthcare management company sought $1.5 million for the development of a specialized medical facility. With the business plan produced by Deutsch & Thomas, Inc., the client was able to successfully raise the sought capital (on the terms they wanted) within four months.

$300,000 Real Estate Backed Line of Credit - A Texas based real estate investor sought $300,000 of operating capital to acquire single family houses at undervalued prices for renovation and resale. Despite a difficult economic climate, Deutsch & Thomas, Inc.'s business plan was able to effectively secure capital for the client very quickly.

$2,375,000 Construction Loan for Townhouse Complex - A Louisiana real estate entrepreneur needed a large capital commitment from a bank to develop 100 townhouses. The business plan developed by Deutsch & Thomas secured the financing.

$1,500,000 Investor Financing for VoIP Services Company - An inventor came to Deutsch & Thomas with a new model for providing VoIP services. The Company received their financing with 9 months of seeking to raise capital. Deutsch & Thomas also developed the Company's business plan for its secondary capital raising.

$2,000,000 Startup Loan for Ferry Service - Deutsch & Thomas' business plan was able to provide a secured SBA loan for a ferry service operating in Florida. The financing was used to acquire capital equipment and for general working capital purposes.

$300,000 Real Estate Rehabilitation Line of Credit - A real estate entreprenuer needed a line of credit to acquire undervalued properties with the intent to rehabilitate them and sell them for market value. Despite the difficult housing market, the client was able to obtain the credit facility within four weeks.

$225,000 Startup Financing for Franchised Soft Pretzel Store - A South Carolina based entrepreneur came to Deutsch & Thomas for a startup franchise loan business plan. The Company received their financing in full, and operations have commenced.

$400,000 Lease Financing for Transportation Company - A Georgia based transportation company required $400,000 of lease financing for the acquisition of two new tractor trailers. Deutsch & Thomas's business plan was able to provide immediate financing for the business.

$2,700,000 of Investor Financing for a Real Estate Development - An Arizona based real estate developer used the Deutsch & Thomas prepared business plan to raise capital from a group of private real estate investors for a 40 lot development. The capital raising period took less time than expected and building operations have commenced.

$200,000 SBA Loan for Jewelry Design Studio - A profitable 5 year old jewelry studio needed expansion capital. This New Mexico based business was able to secure SBA financing for inventory purchases and working capital against the future earnings of the business.

$90,000 of Investor Capital for a New Technology Company - An inventor came to Deutsch & Thomas with a unique way of creating universal adapters for cell phones. The capital sought in their business plan was used to refine the patented technology while concurrently developing the early distribution operations of the business.

$300,000 SBA loan for Startup Restaurant - A Las Vegas based restaurateur needed capital to launch a new concept for an American cuisine restaurant. After intense negotiations, Deutsch & Thomas' client received their SBA loan with the terms that they wanted. The restaurant is currently in operation.

$375,000 – Dry Cleaner Facility SBA Loan – Deutsch & Thomas, Inc., through their produced business plan, were able to assist a client in securing a substantial amount of capital for a dry cleaning franchise based in Ohio. The financing was disbursed 60 days after the client submitted the business plan to the bank and the Small Business Administration.

$1,500,000 Restaurant Acquisition Loan - A very well known South Carolina steak restaurant was sold to two entrepreneurs that used a Deutsch & Thomas business plan to obtain the capital they needed to buy the business and the restaurant's real estate facility.

$1,700,000 Medical Facility Commercial Loan - A Ohio based physician came to Deutsch & Thomas in need of a business plan to acquire an existing real estate structure with the intent to convert it into a small urgent care facility. Several banks provided offers to provide the doctor with a 30 year loan secured by the real estate, medical equipment, and expected cash flows from his practice.

$140,000 Commercial Loan for a New Retail Store - A highly experienced scuba diver wanted to fulfill his dream of owning his own scuba gear shop in Florida. Deutsch & Thomas was able to provide him with a comprehensive business plan that was immediately financed by a local bank.

$20,000 Loan for Optometry Practice - An optometrist needed a startup loan to develop his own practice. The business plan developed by Deutsch & Thomas got him the financing he needed to launch the business.

Successful Government Contract Proposal - A Mid-Atlantic based entrepreneur obtained a state government contract (worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars) to provide childcare services as a public-private sector initiative. The proposal written by Deutsch & Thomas won the client the contract.

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