Writing a Business Plan for a Medical Practice


People always get sick and require specialized medical treatments, and as such seem to go to the doctor. Although who the issue of insurance is a major problem within the United States, the vast majority of people do have access to either private insurance or publicly funded health systems that pay for their medical treatments. Over the past 14 years, Deutsch and Thomas has worked extensively with medical practices of all specialized disciplines. This includes having worked with primary care physicians, specialists, allied health professionals, and related entities that provide medical services to the general public. We are familiar with all us aspects of how these businesses operate in regards to rendering medical care to the general public. We can work very closely with you to develop a business plan specific for your medical practice.


Deutsch and Thomas always provides its clients with a nine chapter business plan that features a five-year financial model. This financial model has a profit and loss statement, common size income statement, balance sheet, cash analysis, breakeven analysis, and all relevant business metrics. The vast majority of our clients are seeking a business plan for medical practice are looking to acquire capital from a financial institution. Given the economic stability of these businesses, almost all financial institutions are willing to provide extensive capital support for the establishment or expansion of a new medical practice. In these types of plans, we focus heavily on the highly predictable streams of revenue that will be generated as well as a large amount of furniture, fixtures, and equipment that we purchase with borrowed funds. Each business plan that we complete also has a full-scale marketing and advertising plan that showcases how the practitioner will develop its patient base from the onset of operations. This includes both traditional as well as online forms of advertising.


If you're interested in having a business plan developed for your medical practice, please feel free to contact Deutsch and Thomas anytime at 646-216-9844 or through the contact us form on this website.


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