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Restaurants and food and beverage businesses are one of most common business plans that we produce at this firm. In fact, over the 14 years we have been in business approximately 10% of all the work we have done has been specific for restaurants and food/beverage businesses. When we develop a business plan specific for a restaurant or eatery we focus substantially on the gross profit and underlying expenses associated with the business. One of the key focuses that we have when developing this type of business plan is the return on investment as well as for the restaurant's ability to service any debt. One of the other things that we focus on as well when capital is being raised by from a third party is the fact that a substantial amount of the capital it is being sought is going to be used specifically for the acquisition of tangible furniture, fixtures, and equipment.


One of the other important aspects of a restaurant focused business plan is the development of a comprehensive marketing plan. Given the fact that there are more than 750,000 individual restaurants and eateries within the United States – a restaurant owner must look for ways to properly showcase their cuisine and location to the general public. We accomplish this by discussing a number of different marketing strategies that can be used in conjunction with the restaurant business plan. Foremost, we thoroughly overview the grand opening, and how the  local market will start to become familiar with the launch of a new eatery. From there, we focus substantially on developing a very strong reputation within the community while concurrently maintaining an expansive online presence so that people can find the restaurant very quickly.


Beyond discussing the operations, marketing plan, and doing all the applicable local research – we include a five-year financial model. One of the key focuses we have when developing this type of financial model is that we look substantially the underlying operating expenses given that these cannot be changed throughout the life of the business. This is especially true if the owner-operator secures a long-term lease for the business. As such, we discuss how risks pertaining to owning and operating a restaurant will be mitigated so that the business can remain profitable and cash flow positive at all times. We couple this directly with the discussion regarding the size of the market as well as the implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan.


When a restaurateur is looking to raise capital specifically from private investors, one of the things that we focus on heavily is the time that it takes for the restaurant become profitable and the return on investment. Over the past decade and a half we developed a number of proprietary financial models that are able to effectively communicate this to anyone that is reading the business plan.


The restaurant business plan that we develop it is appropriate to be used either for a conventional loan, small business administration loan, or via private investment. At no additional cost we are able to provide you with two types of business plans - one that would be appropriate for bank and one that would be appropriate for an investor. All of our plans feature a nine chapter, five appendixes format that includes an executive summary chapter, chapter regarding how the funds are going to be used, information regarding the food and services associated with the restaurant, an overview of the organization, the applicable market and industry analysis, competitive issues, the marketing plan, the personnel summary, the five-year financial plan, and five appendices that properly provide an overview of the entire business.


As with all business plans developed by Deutsche and Thomas, we develop all the work in-house. We are able to conduct the appropriate market research while concurrently showcasing the owner's background and how the business will operate on a day-to-day basis. Our firm works closely with each client to ensure that the business plan is developed to their specifications.


If you have any questions regarding our services please feel free to contact us via the form on this website or reach us at 646-216-9844.



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