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Real estate development is a very interesting business given that many developers, especially those very skilled in contracting, can easily turn a profit in any economic climate. This is true even when a negative housing market is occurring given that many real estate developers are able to aggressively control their underlying costs. As such, many real estate developers are able to operate profitably even during times of economic recession.


One of the things that we focus on when developing a business plan specific for real estate development is the time it takes to complete the project and how quickly units or the property will be sold. Unlike a traditional business where an individual entrepreneur wants to see continued increasing of revenues each year, a real estate developer – especially those that place their developments in a limited partnership or wholly owned limited liability company – want to see revenues declining each year which indicates that units are being sold very quickly. At Deutsche and Thomas, use a specialized financial model that clearly showcases to a potential investor or financial institution the underlying costs associated with the development of the property, the timeline which units we sold, and the anticipated sales price of each unit.


One of the things that we also focus on as well within the business plan is the real estate market and interest rate climate. Given that rising interest rates can substantially decrease a potential buyer's ability to afford property, we focus significantly on how a real estate developer can mitigate these risks. One of the things that we also very heavily focus on is the development of expansive marketing plan that allows a real estate developer to potentially acquire sales contract even before units are completed. This is primarily done through the use of an online campaign coupled with retaining a qualified real estate broker that can pitch the sale units to either potential homebuyers or real estate investors that will rent the property to a third-party.


Over the past 14 years, about 20% of the work we have done it specific for the real estate industry. We have worked with a number of developers, real estate investors, and contractors of every type of specialty imaginable. We can develop a very comprehensive business plan that will very clearly showcase to potential funding source exactly how the development will be completed and the anticipated profits of the project over a year to five year period. We also have a number of financial models that allows for a full breakdown of revenue including from sales income, rental income, HOA management, and other profit centers for the developer.


All the work week I do is done specifically for each client, and we were able to structure a plan exactly how each client wanted. All business plan take about 5 to 6 business days to complete and are done on a flat fee.


If you're interested in our services, please contact us anytime at 646-216-9844 or via the contact us page on this website.


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