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We have developed a number of business plans specific for not for profit organizations (commonly referred to as 501(c)(3) organizations). The model we use is completely specific for the a not-for-profit entity. This model development includes taking a look at numerous revenue streams that can be generated not only from providing some services to the general public but also grant and donation funding.


One of the key things that we focus on substantially when developing a not-for-profit focus business plan is the fact that ongoing marketing is going to be needed in order to continue to generate revenues. This is especially true for organizations require ongoing community support. In these instances, we focus significantly on developing a large-scale local or regional marketing campaign coupled with useful expensive online platform. As always, all the work we do is specific for each client on a customized basis, and we can work very closely with you to make sure that the document clearly showcases the mission and value of your foundation to potential funding source.


One of the more difficult aspects of business planning for not-for-profit organization is the fact that expenses need to be aggressively controlled all times. Given that donation and grant funding revenue can fluctuate from year to year, or even from quarter to quarter, we ensure that the five-year financial model that we produce clearly showcases to anyone that is reading it that expenses – especially payroll and marketing expenses – are very much in line with the anticipated revenues of the foundation on an ongoing basis. As with all business plans we complete, we always include a full industry analysis, and economic analysis, profile of potential donors, and any applicable competitors that are operating in a similar capacity within the same market.


For each business plan that we complete for a not-for-profit entity, we are always happy to provide a $50 discount. We understand that many of the expenses relating to planning a not-for-profit organization come out of pocket by its founders, and you're more than happy to work with each of our clients to make sure that the work we do is kept affordable.


If you are interested in having a business plan writer for your not-for-profit organization, please feel free to contact us anytime at 646-216-9844 work for me the contact us page on this website. You very much for taking the time to check out our site, and if you've any questions please contact us anytime.


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