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Media companies produce content that is in demand among a number of different consumers. One of the greatest things about the Internet is that many smaller content producers and media companies are able to reach a broad audience even if the content that is going to be produced is of a highly specific and narrow genre. With the ability to find an audience on a worldwide basis, a number of media companies have been established in order to produce website content, music, videos, and other suitable media to the general public. There are numerous ways in which a content producer and media company can monetize their productions.


At Deutsch and Thomas, we are completely familiar with all the aspects of owning and operating a media content development business. We have a number of proprietary financial models that we use in order to clearly showcase how a content developer or media company can monetize their produced work. In the financial model we develop, we have a number of different graphs and charts that show each potential revenue stream. Our financial model also includes a standard five year profit and loss statement, cash analysis, and balance sheet.


Given the substantial amount of content on the Internet, it is imperative that an entrepreneur differentiate their streamable in the market place. Within the business plan, we focus substantially on the demographics will be targeted with each media development undertaken by the business. We always work extremely closely with our clients in order to ensure work that the business plan is develops to the exact specifications. Additionally, we are happy to make any content changes to the business plan once the first draft is delivered. We always ensure that each of our clients is completely satisfied with the work.


Over the past 14 years, we have worked extensively with media development companies across a broad number of mediums including film, television, radio, and online content production and distribution. One of the things that we frequently include in the business plan is an extensive discussion regarding third-party platforms that are used to distribute produced content and media.


If you're interested in having a custom business plan written for your media development company, please contact us at 646-216-9844 or via the form on this website.

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