Electrical Contractor (Electrician) Business Plan Writing


Electrical contracting is something that really should only be done by a trained professional given the substantial hazards to a person's life if they make a mistake.  As such, many property owners and homeowners take to hiring these types of professionals rather than doing the work themselves. At Deutsch and Thomas, we have developed numerous business plans specific for electrical contracting and electrician businesses. In these business plans we focus on two separate avenues of revenue. First, we focus significantly on the amount of money that can be generated by working with real estate developers and general contractors in order to complete new developments. Second, we focus a significant amount of the work on the maintenance and repair services that are offered to the general public.


Given that very few people can properly do wire repairs on their own, repair and maintenance services always ensures that electrical contractors are able to remain profitable and cash flow positive. As many people seek a business loan for this type of company, one of the key things that we focus on is the economic security of revenues generated from electrical repair and maintenance services. In each business plan we write, we also focus significantly on the collateral that is purchased – usually in the form of tools, equipment, and vehicles – that will serve as the collateral for the loan.


Each business plan that we develop follows a five-year overview of the business and is showcase over nine chapters. The financial model includes a profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, common size income statement, balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and all applicable business metrics. About 20% of the work we do is specific for contractors and real estate focus businesses.


All of our work also includes a marketing plan that showcases how a new or existing electrical contracting business will market itself to the general public. This is the seventh section of the business plan that we can develop for you.


Deutsch and Thomas always works very closely with each of its clients in order to ensure that the business is exactly to the specifications of the client. Over the past 14 years, we've developed more than 2,400 custom business plans. We are very happy to work very closely with you in order to get the business plan that you need done, and if you're interested in working with us please feel free to contact us anytime at 646-216-9844 or through the contact us form on this website. 

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