Day Care Center Business Plan Writing


Every working parent needs to have the ability to provide a safe place for their children to be while they are at work. As such, daycare centers are able to produce substantial streams of ongoing revenue by caring for children during the course of a day. These businesses have moderate startup costs, and they are extremely profitable and was all economic climates. This is one of the major positives owning operating a daycare center.


Almost all financial institutions are willing to provide the capital necessary in order to launch a type of business given the fact that the revenues are highly recurring, a significant amount of the money raised is used for tangible purchases, and these businesses are immune from negative changes in the economy relatively speaking.


Deutsch and Thomas, over the past 14 years, has developed numerous business plans specific for daycare centers. Is also includes companies that provide preschool education as well as a Montessori focused education. We can work very closely with you to develop a plan that clearly showcases how much money you're looking to raise, and the market in which you intend to establish her daycare center.


As with all business plans developed by Deutsch and Thomas, we included full five-year financial model that features a profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, and balance sheet. The full industry research is also included in the business plan along with an extensive amount of documentation about how the company will launch operations to profitability. We also thoroughly discuss any potential business issues that may arise from operating this business. All of our business plans also include a SWOT analysis.


Once you receive the necessary information from you, it takes us about five business days to complete the work. Once the initial draft is delivered, we are more than happy to make any necessary revisions to the business plan as we always work to all of our client specifications. If you're interested in having a business plan written by Deutsch and Thomas, please contact us anytime at 646-216-9844 or via the form on this website.


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