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Apparel businesses operate in a highly competitive market. Deutsch and Thomas can help you develop a business plan and marketing plan that clearly showcases how a new clothing store will set itself apart from other types of businesses in the market. We have developed a number of business plans specific for apparel companies through the entire supply chain. This includes apparel designers, apparel manufacturers, as well as brick-and-mortar retailers that also maintain an expansive online presence. We have all the necessary industry research that is specific for the apparel industry. In any given year, we typically develop around 5 to 10 plans specific for the apparel market. We can work very closely with you to develop the business plan to your exact specifications so that it is appropriate for either a private investor, SBA loan, or conventional business loan. The business plan we produce also acts as a general roadmap for the first five years of operation.


As with all of our business plans, Deutsch and Thomas produces a five-year focused plan that features a profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and all relevant business metrics. For the first year, we provide monthly profit and loss and cash flow statements while years to through five are done on a quarterly basis. This ensures that the business plan can be viewed by any potential funding source for a greater understanding of how revenues are going to be produced and how all underlying expenses are going to be satisfied.


Each time we develop a custom business plan, we work very closely with our client in order to ensure that we have all the necessary information so that we can produce an outstanding business plan for you. We are happy to show you samples as well as providing you with references to previous clients we have worked with. During the past 14 years, we have developed more than 2,400 custom business plans. Through these plans, our clients have gone to raise a little more than $600 million of capital through SBA loans, conventional business loans, lines of credit, as well as private investor financing.


If you're interested in having Deutsch and Thomas develop a business plan specific for your apparel company or clothing store, please contact us at 646-216-9844 or through the contact form on this website. 

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