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As more and more states have legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, we at Deutsch and Thomas have seen a substantial number of new clients are seeking to raise capital for these types of businesses. Given the fact that these companies are still not legal on the federal level, most all funding required by these businesses is typically raised to private investors. We have developed a number of business plans not only for retail shops and medical dispensaries, but also from wholesalers and growers as well. One of the interesting things about this industry is that it is quickly becoming consolidated as many more businesses are starting to develop their own growing facilities in addition to maintaining wholesale and retail distribution operations.


One of the other common trends in this industry is the production of edibles, vaporizers, and other types of cannabis products that are not the familiar flower of the plant. As people are always concerned about lung issues, the demand for edibles of vaporizers has increased substantially. In fact, over the past two years we have seen nearly a 200% increase in the number of clients that are seeking to develop business plans specific for cannabis related products and not the flower of the plant.


One of the common things that we do within the business plan specific for cannabis related business, is that we focus heavily on the ongoing pricing that is associated with these companies. As the number of suppliers has increased in the market over the past five years, the price – on a per pound basis – has decreased substantially. This has been coupled with a substantial increase in the number of retailers that operate within major states such as California, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington state. At all times, Deutsch and Thomas focuses very heavily on ensuring that all industry research is up to date specific for cannabis industry. We have access to a number of public and private information sources that allows us to assist our clients in determining the pricing structures that are associated with this type of business.


This is one of the most exciting industries within the United States at the moment. Given the ongoing demand among medical patients for access to quality cannabis products as well as adults who want to enjoy on the recreational level – demand has skyrocketed. This trend is going to continue in perpetuity as more and more states realize the substantial tax benefits of being able to render excise taxes on cannabis products. In the past five years, more than 20 states have legalized cannabis on a nationwide level. Seven states have made it legal on a recreational basis. This trend is expected to continue as well. In the foreseeable future, many experts believe that the federal government will eventually pass legislation that makes cannabis a scheduled drug that is regulated by the BAFTE and the FDA.


Ongoing medical research will also boost the ongoing demand especially among patients that suffer from seizures, cancer, anxiety, depression, and other ailments for cannabis is a reasonable treatment.


Deutsch and Thomas can actively assist you with the development of this business plan.


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