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With the continued and rapid rise in the number of people using mobile devices, tablets, and computers – the demand for applications that are used for both recreation as well as for work has increased substantially. More and more new apps are developed each year for Apple devices, Android devices, as well as for desktop and laptop computers. As such, the number of businesses that are producing these applications for use among the general and business public has increased substantially. As with all types of businesses, a well-developed app focused business plan can assist an individual entrepreneur with raising the capital they need in order to complete their development while charting important milestones during the business start up phase. In the 14 years we have been in business, Deutsch and Thomas, Inc. has developed a number of business plan specific for technology focus businesses including application development.


The business plan that we can develop for you specific for an application showcases the service that is going to be rendered, how the application works, the industry research, and with all business plans we complete have a five-year financial model. This model includes a profit and loss statement, cash analysis, balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and related business ratios page. As most applications are developed using funds from private investors, we focus thoroughly on showcasing the anticipated return on investment based on the number of sales. We also have a number of specialty financial models we use when the application will be developed as a software-as-a-service (or "Saas") business model.


One of the other key focus is that we have in the business plan we develop for an application is the competitive analysis. Given that the startup costs associated with a new application are relatively low, entrepreneurs must find ways to differentiate their application from others in the overall market. We accomplish this by showcasing a very thorough marketing plan that lets a potential investor know exactly how the application will be positioned within the target market.


Business planning is a difficult process, and Deutsch and Thomas is able to work very closely with its clients in order to provide them with the business plan to their exact specifications. All the work we do is done in-house, and we work very closely with our clients to ensure that the plan is exactly appropriate for any financial institution, private investor, or for a general audience that wants to learn more about the business itself.


We also understand that a lot of business planning work is done after work hours, and we are happy to work around your schedule. You can reach us anytime at 646-216-9844, and we take calls up until 9 o'clock Eastern time on the weekdays and up until 6 o'clock Eastern time on the weekends. You can also contact us via the form on this website.


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